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Kenya Fancy Mark

Nyeri is one of the most respected coffee growing regions of Kenya. It is situated North of Nairobi in the Aberdene Mountains of Kikuyuland. From here you can see the peak of Mount Kenya above the horizon, 70 miles to the North.

Farms in Nyeri District which, prior to Kenyan independence from Britain in 1963, was called South Tetu range in altitude from 1650 – 1700m (about 6,415 – 5,575 ft). The farmers deliver their coffees to collection centers, and wet mills.

This Coffee is delicate, with a creamy sweet floral scent. It is cranberry bright with a touch of Macoun apple, orange peel, and lemon oil in the cup. Lieutenant-General Lord Baden-Powel OB, commander at the celebrated Siege of Mafeking during the Second Boar War, and founder of the Boy Scout movement, retired to Nyeri. I think he may have had the coffee of this beautiful land in mind, when he penned, "the nearer to Nyeri the nearer to bliss." Rich Dark Roast™ II


Weight: 1.00 lbs


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