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sustainability is more than making sure kids in coffee countries have what it takes to grow-up strait and strong, though that is important surely. it is a concerted effort to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. That is why Gillies was among the first roasters to install smoke control on our roasters back in 1952 (it was unique enough to be reported in The New York Times), and why we chose to lead our trade by example (an old habit of ours) being New Yorks 1st Certified Kosher roaster, 1st Certified Organic roaster, 1st Fair Trade Certified roaster, 1st Smithsonian Bird Friendly roaster (we are also a roaster of Certified Rainforest Alliance coffee) 1st NY corporate sponsor of Coffee Kids, 1st NY sponsor of Grounds for Health. and among the 1st NY supporters of Cup for Education, and The Coffee Trust. Because we mean it when we say sustainability is more than supporting coffee farmers and the environment, Gillies has provided and paid the lion's share of the pemium for health insurance covering our staff and crew since the 1970's.

By making wise choices each of us can do a little something toward further sustaining our communities at home and those in coffee origin lands to. We may not be able to save the world one cup at a time, but Certified Coffees can act to remind us that there is more that each of us can do to help our community, and our planet, and that is a good thing if it motivates us to get involved.  -DNS (coffeeman)

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