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Coffee is grown in no less than 79 countries the world over between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. Within most of these countries (referred to as Origins by coffee professionals) there are individual regions, and districts producing coffee from a variety of coffee plant varieties. There may also be distinct coffees grown in small pockets within a district where unusual and distinct climatic conditions create microclimates that produce extraordinary qualities in the coffee that comes from that neighborhood. Coffee farming is as small as a few trees in a backyard, to agribusinesses whose acreage stretches for many miles. Beans are still picked by hand, and there are also places where the crop is realized using large mechanical harvesting machines. The world of coffee is diverse to say the least.

Wine enthusiasts gush about Terroir. An old comrade-in-arms, Alfred Peet, was a no-nonsense coffeeman. He said, “Its all in the cup”. It was his concise way of explaining that you can taste everything about a coffee’s heritage; geography, climate, soil composition, altitude, cultivar, and the plant’s genetic makeup  in the beverage.  You can also find in the cup gustation, and olfactory characteristics that relate an individual lot’s history; its battles with pests, and desease and the way the coffee was handled by man on the farm, in transport, storage, manufacture, and beverage preparation.

The Gillies collection of coffees is a portfolio of themes that we have gone to some effort to put together over many years. It begins with origin coffees from reliable sources, old farm relationships, and trusted shippers and importers.  Our list has developed through the generations, changing while always representing our bias for the best, and an eagerness to display before you a wide range of coffee options. Come, and explore. You will find a treasure trove of coffee excellence on the website, and it begins here with our origin coffee selection. –DNS (coffeeman)

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Brazil GR2-3 Swiss Water® Decaffeinated
Carioca™ Espresso do Brasil
Brazil GR2-3 17/18


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Colombia Especial MC Decaffeinated
Colombia Supremo 17/18
Colombia Supremo Swiss Water® Decaffeinated
Colombia: Certified Organic & Fair Trade
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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Estate Tarrazu SHB EP
Costa Rica: Certified Organic & Fair Trade


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Ethiopia Shegitu (Harar Type) Mocha GR4


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Guatemala Estate Antigua SHB


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Indonesia-Sulawesi (Celebes) GR1
Indonesia-Sumatra GR1
Indonesia-Sumatra: Certified Organic & Fair Trade


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Kenya Fancy Mark


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Mexico High Grown (Altura)

Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea Estate AA


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Peru: Certified Organic & Fair Trade


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Tanzania Highland Peaberry


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Roast Ground Chicory (Product of USA)