GREEN COFFEE Papua New Guinea Estate AA
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GREEN COFFEE Papua New Guinea Estate AA

Bunum Wo Estate AA

Papua shares the island of New Guinea with the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya to it's West. The Carpenter Estates are in the Wahgi Valley, in the Mount Hagen area, on a high-country plateau in western Papua. Bunum Wo is named after a coffee district and market town in the highlands where Carpenter grows both coffee and tea (they are the largest tea grower in Papua). The top beans are graded AA (generally sits on a 17/64” Screen).

The coffee grows at 5000 feet (1600 metres) above sea level in near idyllic conditions. I met one of the Carpenters some years ago at an SCAA conference. He was a serious coffeeman, and Carpenter’s produce reflects their professionalism down to their choice of burlap bag decoration, a blue Ulysses Butterfly on the wing, which make their home on the estate.

Papua New Guinea is a very different universe of coffee from the Arabicas of its Indonesian neighbors, as the coffee is not wet-hulled (semi-washed) as many Indonesia coffees are, but are wet-processed, as are the best Central American beans.

Bunum Wo AA is a less refined, and in some respect a more interesting coffee than that from its famous sister estate, Sigri, as it is a bit earthier, with dark murky depths, that the cleaner brighter Sigri just does not touch. Bunum Wo AA is strong, well bodied and balanced. A full flavored cup with delicate enduring baseball glove and fresh tobacco in the fragrance, and firm acidity. Linger over a cup and it turns slowly deeper, with a hand dipped orange-slice bitter chocolate sweetness.

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