Decaffeinated Gillies Ice™ Blend
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Decaffeinated Gillies Ice™ Blend

A new idea in Brooklyn cool.SM

Coffee from distillate has been around about 160 years, but it has caught fire during recent summers.  Cold Brew iced coffee is praised, over pouring traditionally brewed hot coffee into a glass filled with ice, for its full strength taste, and smooth low acid character. Cold Brew is easily prepared, though the brew time takes many hours. The resulting concentrate may be extended with cold milk, or water and ice.

Gillies Ice™ produces a full-bodied, smooth beverage with lightly floral aroma. It has a hint of bitter-sweet chocolate hidden in its strong refreshing aftertaste.  To avoid a sugar bomb at the bottom of the glass sweeten with bar sugar, or simple syrup. -DNS, coffeeman

Here is a brewing hint; for best results grind your beans coarse/percolator grind for cold brewing. -d.

Also available as a non-decaffeinated coffee

Weight: 1.00 lbs


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