Decaffeinated Gillies N.O. Ice™  Blend with Chicory
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Decaffeinated Gillies N.O. Ice™ Blend with Chicory

New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee & Chicory

We don’t know why Jean Lafitte volunteered his services to General Jackson in defense of his country. It was a pirate's secret. We don't know if the general and his pirate friend toasted their victory at the Battle of New Orleans with a Big Easy style iced coffee. We suspect that they may have chosen something more potent.  For the most powerful cold brew iced coffee we know, f
ollow cold brewing instructions, blend the yielded concentrate with an equal amount of fresh cold milk, and sweeten to taste, with bar sugar, or simple syrup. It produces a mighty invigorating, smooth quaff. And, Gillies won’t tell anyone that you heard about it here. We’ll keep that a pirate’s secret just between us, ayyy matey?

Also available as a non-decaffeinated coffee

We recommend that Gillies N.O. ICE™ Blends be ordered Ground only.

Remember Talk Like a Pirate Day, Every September 19th

Weight: 1.00 lbs


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