Gillies Fire & Ice™ Blend
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Gillies Fire & Ice™ Blend

Gillies Elemental Iced Coffee Blend


I talked with Marion Burros about making iced coffee by fresh brewing a concentrated beverage with 25% more coffee to be poured over ice, for her July 20,1988 New York Times article De Gustibus; Making Coffee-er Iced Coffee.


Using more coffee, and a smaller batch size in your brewer produces a concentrated fresh, hot beverage that can be refashioned to regular strength by the addition of water supplied by the action of hot coffee pouring over fresh ice. The resulting beverage, ready to serve right away has much the same character as its hot coffee brethren, while retaining its body and aroma (often lost in traditional iced coffee service). One of the keys to success is to brew fresh, and in small batches, and not let the brewed coffee sit more than 45 minutes. Please, hold yourself back from saving hot coffee in the refrigerator for use tomorrow as iced, as that is an error in judgment that you, and your guests will regret.


Gillies Fire & Ice™ Blend of Guatemala Antigua, and Ethiopia Shegitu is a naturally sweet and decisively unique hot-brew iced coffee perfect for service in double old fashioned glasses for sipping. If you crave putting a topping on the beverage consider frothed 1% butterfat milk, rather than whipped cream which is too heavy for an Iced coffee, and better suited to a coffee ice cream soda, or shake with its heavy ice cream, milk, syrup base. Better still, slice a fresh appricot, and put a wedge on the sugar frosted rim of a Collins glass –DNS


Here is a brewing hint; for best results grind your beans coarse/percolator grind for cold brewing. -d.

Also available as a decaffeinated coffee

Weight: 1.00 lbs


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