Gillies N.O. Ice™ Blend
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Gillies N.O. Ice™ Blend

New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee & Chicory

We don’t know why Jean Lafitte volunteered his services to General Jackson in defense of his country. It was a pirate's secret. We don't know if the general and his pirate friend toasted their victory at the Battle of New Orleans with a Big Easy style iced coffee. We suspect that they may have chosen something more potent.  For the most powerful cold brew iced coffee we know, follow cold brewing instructions, blend the yielded concentrate with an equal amount of fresh cold milk, and sweeten to taste, with bar sugar, or simple syrup. It produces a mighty invigorating, smooth quaff. And, Gillies won’t tell anyone that you heard about it here. We’ll keep that a pirate’s secret just between us, ayyy matey?
Also available as a decaffeinated coffee

Here is a brewing hint; for best results grind your beans coarse/percolator grind for cold brewing. -d.

Remember Talk Like a Pirate Day, Every September 19th

Weight: 1.00 lbs


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