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Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Espresso

Espresso brings back reminiscences of our days in The Village when warm friends as Dizzy Gellespie dropped by Gillies to chat between sets next door at Art Delugoff’s Village Gate. I shared my last cuppa with specialty coffee comrade-in-arms Alfred Peet, down the street, at Gillies’ customer Le Figaro Café, on the corner of McDougal & Bleecker. Bleecker Street Espresso™ is a blend of Natural and Washed Arabicas, with a soupçon of Wet Polished Robusta. Each coffee is individually hand roasted. We let the beans “rest” overnight; then they are hand blended to our own special recipe. Our time honored methods, added to our abiding respect for the farmer, our customer, and the consumer contribute to Bleecker Street Espresso™. A blend of which we are justly proud. -DNS, coffeeman

Weight: 1.00 lbs


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